Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Dystopian Wars 2.5 game

This past weekend I was able to actually get in a game of Dystopian Wars. Yes, there is someone else in Portland that plays! Unbelievable.

I totally forgot to take pictures, but you really aren't missing anything. We did a 750pt game and I brought a battle flotilla from the FSA. I faced off against a bloke called General Eric from the spartan forums and his Prussian fleet.

This was a friendly learning game as I had not tried out any 2.5 games yet and just got the digital rules a couple days before. I haven't even read them yet...just glanced here and there.

I think we went through 5 or 6 turns in around 3 hours. That is pretty good for Dystopian Wars. Granted, we didn't play with all the bells and whistles, as I wanted to focus on core mechanics, but still, the game flowed fairly well. In the end, my FSA limped off the field of battle. My dread was almost dead and I was down to one gunship, vs his barely damaged battleship. I did a ton of damage to his smaller stuff, but the dice failed me on a few crucial initiatives and one round of shooting at this battleship. He was able to keep plinking away on my dread and made it completely ineffective. That Rugged 2 on his battleship was just harsh.

It was fun though and again, the play went fairly smooth. So that is enough proof to have me spend more time reading the book. Who knows, maybe 2.5 will help resurge the game in this area again.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

All Is Not Lost

Ha! snuck in another update before a month had past. Whew! Not bad considering I was out of town for two weeks with no internet. <shudder> But as you can see, I have survived. So, what is up in Brother G's gaming world?

The tabletop wargame world has really taken a turn towards the strange. I have people asking me to meet up to play Dystopian Wars and Kings of War. Wha huh? All the while my own interest was to get going with 8th edition 40K. Yeah, I'm not sure when hell froze over, but damn. Either that or I need to check to see if everyone has a goatee. Bizarro world no? Long time readers will know that I have tried several times to get people into the former games, and have blasted the latter for its evil policies. Okay okay, that isn't true...I don't have any long time readers....

What can I do but take a stand and help these minorities by adding another player. Just have to hope that the scheduling can work out. Also, I need to figure out what KoW army I want to play, and I need to dig out my Dystopian Fleet. I'm going to go with the Federated States of America this time around. Long long ago, they were my first fleet, but I gave them up when I had heard that an Italian fleet was going to be produced. And then I bought a Empire of the Blazing Sun fleet to hold me over until the Italians got released, but then discovered they were only going to be a secondary nation...long story slightly shortened, I own FSA once again and will be fielding them soon. Now I just gotta paint them all over again.

The prospect of which KoW army is going to be a little trickier. Apparently I am the odd man out for a league which means I need to have two armies? One for the side of good, one for evil. No idea what I want to do yet. I'll think of something.

D&D has been going strong, though current group is on a summer break. On my trip back east, I did meet up with some of my college buds (some haven't seen in over 20 years), and we gathered for some D&D one day. What a blast! It was like the last two decades hadn't even gone by. So much fun. Wish I could see them more.

Not much going on with the PC front. Still playing DDO and Overwatch. Keeping an eye on Total Warhammer 2, but will wait until after release and then get it on sale. Pre-order is for suckers. Oh, and I have played a few games of Vermintide with one of my college friends. Not bad...will give it a few more tries.

I'll try to start posting up pic of the Dystopian Wars fleet I come up with. That painting is fairly easy and enjoyable for the most part. Until next time.

p.s. Rick and Morty season 3 has started. God damn that is a funny show!